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Dance lessons

Cliff's Bachata Feb 2017 dance

Cliff Knittel's bachata lesson at Deep Run 021817.

Eleanor's NC2S lesson 2016

Eleanor Robertson's Night Club lesson at Deep Run Aug. and Sep. 2016

David Headly 2016 Samba lesson

David's Samba lesson at Deep Run in November 2016.

Cliff's Salsa lesson at Deep Run 2016

Cliff Knittel's Salsa lesson at Deep Run June and July 2016.

Samba lesson by Veronica Braun

USA Dance samba lesson by Veronica at Simply Ballroom.

Salsa lesson at Tri-Cities

USA Dance salsa lesson.

Salsa lesson part 2

Continuation of Tri-Cities salsa lesson.

Ballroom boogie demo at Deep Run

Penny Jesmer demonstrates some ballroom boogie workout moves

Feb. 2015 Country 2-Step lesson

Lesson by Eleanor Robertson at Brookland MS.

April 2015 hustle lesson by David Headly

Richmond USA Dance lesson in April at Brookland.

USA Dance Richmond hustle lesson part 2 May 2015